My NBC Late Night Writer’s Workshop 2015 submission packet

For the past couple of years (perhaps longer), NBC have run a workshop for writers interested in writing for late night comedy.

The workshop has the very noble aim of getting more diverse voices heard in this arena, but it doesn’t expressly exclude anyone so I applied this year anyway.

I didn’t get anywhere. Tant pis.

Thought I would put my packet up here for future generations to see what doesn’t work. When I applied it was good to read around and see what others had submitted for general formatting and such. Be advised that they may ask for different things next year, but the 2015 intake wanted monologue jokes, desk bits for hosts and two sketches, one topical, one character-based.

Actually reading back, I still quite like a lot of my jokes in the monologue and some of the desk bits are funny. My sketches let me down a bit I think. They are not necessarily bad ideas, but badly executed. They needed vastly more editing. I have resisted the urge to punch these up before putting them online, instead allowing them to stand as a marker to leaving it too late.

One bit of advice for futurees: When it gets near to the point when they are due to announce the ‘winners’ a lot of people come out on Facebook and Twitter about how they know everyone has already been chosen, and they know this and know that. They don’t. Just write something awesome, and bide you time. The results will be announced when they are ready…

And without further ado… read it here.

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